DP Automaticbrush

DP Automaticbrush
DP Automaticbrush DP Automaticbrush DP Automaticbrush
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To be seen to be truly appreciated.
The Autobrush story -
Hans and Nanja de Koning have owned a kennel since 2002, famous for their Australian Labradoodles.
This means a lot of brushing…
Nanja) spent almost every day brushing dogs. This is why one day, she asked Hans, who always wanted to be inventor: “Couldn’t all this brushing be automatic? Isn’t it a one-and- only continuous brush movement?”
So one day, They both started tinkering and came out with the first prototype of our automatic brush made of 12 brushes stitched onto a grinding band by the local cobbler, the drive shaft was made of a Dremel and the showerhead as an ergonomic handle. All this was propelled by a drill…
And it worked! Not perfectly, but we managed to fix it during the next year, by testing it a lot and changing it with the help of an enthusiastic designer, achieving a totally, perfectly functioning and super easy to use brushing machine that will effortless brush through the fur of every kind of dog. The automatic brush reduces the brushing time up to 1/5 of the time that you normally will need to manually brush your dog. The hair, dirt or dandruff that might come off your dog will disappear into the hover, leaving no dirt behind and ensuring that the brush will stay clean longer during the whole brushing process.
The only thing that you really need to do is slowly taking the brush through your dog’s hair and it will be automatically brushed and freed from any tangles. The brush will significantly shorten the moult period of dogs, ensuring less hair fall in your home. A real miracle brush that will improve your brushing experience as did ours!


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