Eye Envy Off The Beard

Eye Envy Off The Beard
Eye Envy Off The Beard Eye Envy Off The Beard
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Off the Beard Stain Remover Spray

Eye Envy Off The Beard Stain Remover will help eliminate beard stains and odor caused by saliva oxidation, artificial food/treat coloration, or yeast/bacterial infection. Off The Beard contains all natural ingredients for a clean, smell-free and kissable beard.

  • Removes unsightly beard stains
  • Eliminates odors
  • Contains no bleach, peroxide, whitening agents or harsh chemicals
  • Antiseptic herbal extracts
  • Alcohol and sulfate free

Made with all natural ingredients: Water, Colloidal Silver, Boric Acid, and Witch Hazel.

Instructions: Shake bottle well, spray beard area generously and allow product to dry naturally. Repeat daily until stains are gone, then maintain weekly or as needed.

4 Oz