Groomers Helper Pro Set

Groomers Helper Pro Set
Groomers Helper Pro Set Groomers Helper Pro Set Groomers Helper Pro Set
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Groomers Helper Pro Set

Stops The Biters! Stop Struggling! No More Head Droppers! No More Sitters! No More Spinners! Groom Safer! Earn More Money! One person can do most nail clips! This is the complete set recommended by expert groomers and the top grooming schools.

Includes everything you need to safely position a dog on the grooming table. You can prevent dogs from sitting, face them away from the grooming arm for better top knots and beards, and position them in a tri-tie for face work. This tool revolutionizes the way grooming is done.

Includes: (2) Groomers Helper® Starter Sets, (2) Table Clamps, (2) Mini Arms and the Training Video. It is all you will ever need to handle most dogs and cats. Groomers Helper® Professional Set does not include grooming table, grooming arm or the main arm clamp. Groomers, just hook up and go!

The Groomers Helper® Professional allows you to use the No-Sit feature and the cross-tie feature.

PLEASE NOTE - The clamps supplied with this set are suitable for table thickness up to 1.25'' thick, Larger clamps are avaiable, please contact us