ReQual Styling Art Scissoring Spray

ReQual Styling Art Scissoring Spray
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ReQual Styling Art

The Ultimate Scissoring Spray

Styling Art was developed to allow the groomer to obtain various results with just one product. It redefines, volumizes, fixes and shapes each cut in the desired form. It produces a significant antistatic effect and prevents the coat from fluttering.

Uses: Styling Art is a flexible product. It can be used effectively in all phases of the grooming process.

Scissoring Spray, both with scissors and with hair trimmers, trasnsfer to a suitable spray or misting bottle. Mist styling from 20-30cm over the coat to define and shape into the desired forms. It holds and volumizes the coat whilst shaping to perfection.

Sprayed and massaged on the coat, both during and after shampooing, it nourished and conditions. In this case the product must be rinsed thoroughly.

Recommended during drying to protect the coat from the heat of the hair dryer and to remove stubborn tangles.

1 Litre, decant into a misting spray bottle for use.