Requal Biovit-Oil Restructuring & Protective Treatment

Requal Biovit-Oil Restructuring & Protective Treatment
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Highly concentrated professional preparation with strong restructuring action. It works thanks to a special composition of selected oils, which are fundamental in maintaining the keratin equilibrium in the coat. The effect is immediate. After the first treatment, an improvement in the condition of the hair will already be visible. It will appear well-structured, less fragile and more vital. Excellent for all breeds, To prevent and protect against the environment which attack and weaken the pet’s hair. Powered with ReComplex, which supplies all the restructuring substances that are indispensable for keeping the hair healthy and brilliant. Fantastic diluted and sprayed throughout the coat between bathing to prevent knotting and maintain. Excellent for wrapping. It contains apricot-pit oil to give shine, and to hydrate and nourish all kinds of textures.

Size: 500ml