ReQual Hydro Gel

ReQual Hydro Gel
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NEW ReQual Hydro Gel


Hydro gel is a suspension of selected oils in water, which exploits the softening, antioxidant and UV absorbing properties of these oils to develop an extraordinary hydrating action against the aging process and to re-balance the animal’s fur and skin. It conditions, moreover, the fur by preparing it for a more effective absorption of the active principles contained in the products to be used afterwards.


Hydro Gel is a very versatile product that can be used in various ways:

- undiluted, by massaging the coat in the damaged areas to obtain an immediate and visible improvement.

- diluted with hot water (five tablespoons in one litre of water) and applied after the shampoo, it facilitates the use of hair-curlers and allows an optimal drying of the coat, preventing tangles for successive shampoos as well.

-  the same solution vaporised every day on the coat helps to re-balance the structure of the fur.

-  mixed with shampoo (one tablespoon in 100ml of shampoo) strengthens the qualities of all kinds of shampoo.


BOTTLE 1000 ml