Requal Technique Degreaser

Requal Technique Degreaser
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A professional product created to remove those greasy stains which are hard to eliminate with common cleansers and shampoos.
Effects: While all the other products used and sold still today for this purpose are created with surface-active agents, this new product has an innovative formula containing vegetable-based oils and creams which have been obtained by implementing new microwave technologies and sustainable methods. Thanks to its special formula, it also has an untangling, restructuring and antioxidant effect; it provides volume with an incredible antistatic effect; is the ideal aid to brighten all coat's colors.
Indications: Excellent degreasing treatment for cats' stud tail, its use is suggested also to treat any extra presence of grease on pets' coat or skin. It's a very versatile product that has been proved to be efficient in every situation it was used. It will be therefore very easy for each professional to create and implement its own personal usage method. Very useful also on long hair coats. It is also suggested on coats which are yellowed, weak, dull, with tangles and knots of grease and dirt. Even after the very first treatment, the coat will be extraordinarily beautiful.
Suggestions for use: Wet the area to be degreased with lukewarm water; apply a good quantity of cream and massage it carefully and deeply into coat and on skin for five minutes; rinse thoroughly in order to eliminate the cream. Start washing the pet with a proper shampoo and then dry it. At the end of the treatment, the coat will be totally degreased and clean; the hair will appear soft, shiny, easy to comb, with volume but no electrostatic effects: ready for the shows.
Suitable for all breeds, 500ML
NOTE - Degreasers are reknown to help as a pre treatment prior to using Riflex shampoo to help removing staining on white coats.