Requal Derm-Oil Treatment

Requal Derm-Oil Treatment
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For skin problems. A restorative bath-treatment with an oil-based formula. It removes dirt with a gentle and natural cleansing action. It acts in an extremely careful manner to treat and re-stabilise the skin, to cure the anomalies. It restores the normal sebum production, and is excellent in consolidating and treating various irritating phenomena of the skin. Its composition is the result of long years of laboratory studies, and guarantees almost immediate results, even after the very first treatment. Its special formula, which contains vegetable-based surface-active agents, has a sebum- normalising, derma-purifying and hygienic effect on the skin. This treatment is powered with ReExentyal to integrate the care of the skin and hair’s deficiencies in critical situations. It also contains an extract of Seaweed to relax and protect the skin structure, and soy oil to nourish the coat and let the texture shine. A truly wonderful product which gives results.

Size: 1 Litre

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