Requal Vital-Prof Shampoo Revitalising Formula

Requal Vital-Prof Shampoo Revitalising Formula
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RequalFor nourishment, and to untangle matted coats. Features: restructuring; untangling. Very concentrated professional shampoo with restructuring and softening action. It provides beauty, has an excellent conditioning effect on coats with long hair and woolly textures, and provides superior care and intense nourishment for the coat. Its formula ensures the easy removal of tangles, knots and matted patches in the coat. Strengthened with ReComplex to restore the balance to damaged hair and skin in long, woolly, easily tangled coats. It doesn’t weaken the texture, or remove any natural oils, but each treatment gives the hair more strength. It guarantees an excellent aesthetic effect. The regular use of this product helps to make brushing and combing the hair easy and enhances the brilliance and shine of the natural colour of the coat.

Active principles: ReComplex.

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