Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW*

Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW*
Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW* Hydrobath Pro ULTRA *NEW*
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We now manufacture Hydrobaths ourselves to ensure consistent quality, reliability and availability, we have introduced many new features and made significant improvements with more developments planned. 

New Features - Higher floor level, Higher back, Quieter, Self priming pump, All metal shower hose and water connector fittings, Supplied with 2 door sizes, lower door to save bending & struggling, compact variable flow control shower hose, all interior pipework fittings are manufactured with high quality commercial fixings, new, more robust chequerplate floor design, Custom colour available - We can colour the exterior of your hydrobath whichever colour desired.


CE Conformity regulations - From 20th April 2016, UK legislation now requires ALL electrical products for commercial & domestic use MUST be CE certified to meet the health & safety directive, a certificate is supplied which displays test report ID.

The Hydrobath pro Ultra has been designed to satisfy the Fluid Category 5 backflow protection as per the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 for direct connection to the water supply.  This product has an 'AB' air gap arrangement (backflow protection to Fluid Category 5) 

New 2017 Hydrobath Pro ULTRA
• Ideal for commercial use, busy groomers and large breed show kennels.
• Size 1300 (W) x 720 (D) x 1150 (h). Bath Floor Height 710mm
• Approx only 15ml of shampoo is required per bath

• Built in pump and heater so no hot water supply required.
• Slide out door (2 sizes supplied)
• Metal Hose water inlet fitting.
• Braided Shower hose to prevent kinks.
• Twin Tank, 1 x 30 litre for shampoo tank, 1 x 55 litre for clean rinse water (can switch between tanks).
• Auto-fill - No need to manually refill the tank, auto-fill keeps it topped up when water level drops.
• Auto heater safety cut out.
• External drainage tap.
• Twin filtering.

• Full easy to ollow instructions.

• Smart 2.7kw digital heating element monitors water temp with safety cut out to prevent possible overheating, externally fitted for easy access. A 2kw heating element can be supplied should your circumstances require a lower KW. Heater on indicator light.

Please Note - Hydrobath picture is shown with castors, these are an optional extra and not supplied with the hydrobath.

Water Meters
If you are on a water meter you can estimate your usage more accurately to compare with your bill!

We can arrange export to most EU countries, please contact us for further information.

Due to high demand, please contact us for availability and current production lead times.