DoubleK 560 Cage / Table Dryer

DoubleK 560 Cage / Table Dryer
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Brand: Double K
Product Code: DKD1006
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Double KThe fantastic Challengair 560 cage dryer from Double K has proved incredibly popular with groomers, ideal for those still early in developing their business and don't want the expense of a cabinet dryer. The 560 monitors the temperature inside the cage and regulates it to prevent hyperthermia (excessive heat) and Hypothermia (low body temperature). It produces air volume of 750CFM to dry animals quickly. Variable heat and air control. Built in safety timer. Extremely quiet. Rustproof and fireproof. Fits all standard cages. Impact resistant housing. Maintenance free brushless motor. Two Year limited warranty. 230 volts, 2197 watts, 9.55 amps, 0.462 hp.