DoubleK Challengair Airmax

DoubleK Challengair Airmax
Price: £365.00
Brand: Double K
Product Code: DKD1004
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Double KTwo Powerful Motors - 123 cubic feet per minute per motor = 246 cubic feet per minute total! Dryer produces more air due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining, reducing resistance as air moves through the hose, thereby increasing air volume (and velocity). Includes 3 versatile attachments for any drying need - Comes with the unique "air sweep nozzle" for pushing water from the animal's coat! Hoses are crushproof and heat resistant. Includes 6 foot crush proof hose and multiple nozzles.

Specification - 2 Motors, 2 speeds, 2 temperatures, Voltage 230, Amperage 5.8, Wattage 1334, Air volume 123 cubic feet per minute per motor (2 motors). For medium / heavy duty use in busy salons.

To keep your blaster working to its optimum performance regular routine servicing and maintenance is required which is not covered under warranty



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