Lila Loves It

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Lila Loves It Calming Spray 50ml
CALM DOWN PILLOW SPRAY soothes your dog with a pleasant fragrance, designed for your dog’s h..
Lila Loves It Dental Care
It intensively cleans the teeth while nourishing the gums and oral mucosa – thanks to the optimal..
Lila Loves It Ear Cleanser 100ml
The EAR CLEANSER gently dissolves trapped earwax, reduces itching and eliminates unpleasant odors..
Lila Loves It Ear Gel 50ml
This EAR-GEL is an effective care product containing a unique combination of natural ingredients ..
Lila Loves It First Aid Spray 50ml
Wounds, scratches and eczema are treated quickly and effectively through this innovative formula...
Lila Loves It Micro Silver Spray 50ml
MICRO SILVERSPRAY PLUS HYALURON is a spray used to treat injuries, wounds and scrapes as well as ..
Lila Loves It Travel First Aid Tin
This box is a perfect medicine cabinet and a reliable companion while travelling: our proven FIRS..