Salon Hygiene

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Clot It Blood Stopper
  What is ClotIt®? ClotIt® is a non-staining, blood clot..
Germix UV Sterilizer Spare Bulb
Spare bulb /tube for Germix UV sterilizer   ..
Nitrile Gloves
Thin medical grade, developed for ultimate fit, feel and sensitivity. These gloves are extremely ..
Barbicide Disinfectant
Disinfects scissors, combs, brushes and salon surfaces. Metals can be immersed for hours without ..
Safe4dogs Disinfectant
Defra approved. Safe to use around puppies, no need to be rinsed away once washing down has occur..
Safe4dogs Odour Killer
Effective odour control for kennels & catteries, grooming salons etc. Eliminates all offensiv..
Microspray Box Set Auto Air Freshener
Manufactured for commercial use to keep rooms fresh and odour free. Fully programmed over a 24hr/..
Germix UV Steriliser Cabinet
Techspa UV steriliser, for sterilising a variety of materials, scissors, brushes & combs etc...