Nooses, Muzzles & Restraints

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Bath Restraint Suction Cup
This industrial strength suction cup can be used to keep control of anything fastened to its stai..
Bathing Cable Restraint From £8.95
 This bath reatraint is perfect for all grooming uses and is Right at home in the bathtu..
Cable Grooming Nooses From £5.95
This chew-resistant grooming noose stays dry even when wet. An indispensable product for all groo..
Dog hooks Professional FROM £25.39
NEW PRODUCT The highest quality dog restraints available. Dogh..
Dog Stay & Wash Cable Noose
Keeping your pet in the bath tub under control is now finally possible for all groomers & pet..
Groomers Helper 5/8 Loop
This grooming loop is 5/8" thick and is generally used to groom medium to large dogs. Designed to..
Groomers Helper Essential Pro Set
Groomers Helper Essential Professional Set Groomers Helper® Essential™ is a cost effect..
Groomers Helper Loop Extender with Panic Swivel
The Loop Adjuster adjusts to different sizes to accommodate different size dogs, without having t..
Groomers Helper Panic Swivel
Groomers Helper Swivel Panic Snap Use this swivel panic snap for added safety when grooming ..
Groomers Helper Pro Set (universal clamp)
Groomers Helper Pro Set Stops The Biters! Stop Struggling! No More Head Droppers! No More Sit..
Groomers Helper Starter Set
Stop Struggling! Stops The Biters! No More Head Droppers! No More Spinners! Groom Safer! Ear..
Groomers Helper Tether Repair Kit
This is the replacement tether for the Groomers Helper® Professional and Starter Sets. It can..
Groomers Helper Upgrade Set
Should you already own a Groomers Helper - Starter Kit, purchase the Groomers Helper - Upgra..
Happy Hoodie (2 Pack)
Description Some dogs become anxious or fearful from the air noise and wind force associated ..
Proguard Softie Muzzles 6 Pack
This muzzle works so well its design was Patented. It allows the dog to breathe normally while at..