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Requal Setil Antistatic Spray
Professional antistatic conditioning spray with multipurpose action for all kinds of hair. It can..
WildWash Healing Paw Balm
WILDWASH is a new concept in animal care. We have created the ultimate Healing Paw Balm to reliev..
Hatchwell Ear Plucking Powder
Use for grip when plucking hairs. ..
Hydrobath Botanical Rinse Concentrate 4 Ltr
Botanical rinse concentrate ! A fantastic shampoo product which leaves an amazing long lastin..
Dan Sackos Old Skool Texture Clean
This the perfect answer to cleaning up your dog between baths. Bathing too frequently can dry the..
Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner
A free flowing cleansing fluid, based on natural ingredients, which contains no harmful detergent..
Clip Stop / Trimmex
Stops bleeding when cutting claws and nails. ..
Spare filter bags, fitted to the inner re- circulating outlet, catches loose hair, dirt and debri..
Aluminium Spray Bottle
Great for salon and show bags, brushed aluninium spray bottle, adjustable spray nozzle and holds ..
Thornit Canker Ear Powder
A trusted favourite - Used for ear-mites and their complications - such as itching - in dogs, cat..
Ultra Mist Spray Bottle, Small
NEW - Ultra mist mini bottle. Produces an extremely fine mist and ideal for gentle, light applica..
Hatchwell Chalk Block
Special soft formula. ..
ReQual Classic Eau De Qual Cologne
ReQual Signature Classic Cologne ALWAYS SCENTED WITH EAU DE QUAL! Eau de Qual is a pleasant..