Requal Homeline

A range of products professionally designed to make home grooming easy, enjoyable and effective with salon quality products. This product is also available as a retail starter pack for grooming salons to sell to their customer, please contact us for further details.

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Requal Homeline Complexe Shampoo
Is a shampoo expressly created to nourish and gently cleanse a dog’s coat. It leaves the hair shi..
Requal Homeline Sensitive Derm Shampoo
Is a gentle shampoo specially for frequent baths and skin problems. It provides a protective barr..
Requal Homeline Oto Ear Fluid
Is a cleansing and refreshing solution which soothes itchiness and inflammation of the auricular ..
Requal Homeline Talc
Is a deodorant expressly formulated to avoid irritating to dogs sense of smell. It’s an exclusive..
Requal Homeline Bioactive Conditioner
Is a conditioner spray created to highlight the aesthetic beauty of the coat, on which it has an ..
Requal Homeline Hydrocol 3 Eye Cleanser
Is a highly concentrated eye lotion made from vegetable extracts and distilled water, with a prot..
Requal Homeline Dry Foam Cleaner
Is a gentle foam with a strong cleansing agent which acts against dirt and pollution. It provides..
Requal Homeline Blue Sensation Shampoo
A concentrated and highly effective shampoo expressly created to maintain brightness and brillian..
Spare filter bags, fitted to the inner re- circulating outlet, catches loose hair, dirt and debri..