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You may have seen the word "Hydrobath", but what does it mean? Here ar...

3 Questions About The Dog Hydrobath

Hydrobath ProIf you have taken a quick look through our site you may have seen that one of our main products is the Hydrobath, but what exactly is a Hydrobath and why should you buy one?

What Is A Hydrobath?

A Hydrobath is a combination of a bath tub and a power bather which provides a high volume mix of shampoo and water which is powerful enough to penetrate even the thickest dog coats. The specifically designed recirculation pump massages your pet’s skin and the whole thing takes far less time than a normal bath, it also creates no mess so you don’t have to clean up after you’re done!

Why Should You Buy One?

The Hydrobath provides an effective hassle free bathing experience; gone are the days where you have to struggle to keep your pet still in one hand with the hose in another. The Hydrobath is very easy to install - you simply plug in, connect a water supply such as a gardening hose, attach a drainage pipe and off you go.

Hand in hand with being easy to use, time saving and hassle free the product also improves your pet’s comfort as the full deep coat penetration, superior bathing and cleaning gives a better coat and skin condition. As a result, it also relieves tired muscles, helps blood circulation and has even been found to be beneficial to older dogs that have arthritis.

Who Uses Them?

The Hydrobath has become extremely popular recently and we have some loyal customers who highly recommend it. We regularly supply this product to grooming salons, vets, rescue centres, show kennels, mobile groomers and even prisons and police forces.

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If you are interested in significantly reducing bathing times whilst also getting a better final result then come straight to Redcape. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about buying a Hydrobath then you can reach us by calling 01423 861249 or alternatively fill out our contact form which you can find here